The Great People We Work With

FMG Project and Relocation Management has had the privilege to work with numerous clients, small and large, across all segments of Commercial and Industrial companies.  From office moves of 6 staff to complex moves in excess of 3,000 we ensure a successful fit out and relocation.


Project:  Design-Build/Relocation

Area:  380,000 SF

Employees Affected:  1,100

Total Moves:  1,100


Project:  Head Office Relocation and Renovation

Area:  300,000 SF

Employees Affected:  1,500

Total Moves:  3,000+

Comments:  A phased relocation from  multiple floors as the building was renovated.

TJX / Winners

Project:  Relocation

Area:  335,000 SF

Employees Affected:  1,200

Total Moves:  1,200+

Comments:  A phased relocation from  multiple buildings to their  new corporate office  campus.

Coca Cola Canada

Project:  Head Office Relocation

Project:  Relocation

Area:  280,000 SF

Employees Affected:  700

Total Moves:  1,000+

Comments:  Phased relocation in  existing space and main  corporate office move

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